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Intertek Kimya has been producing TROX® brand products with a history of more than 20 years.

TROX Chemical products are manufactured using production technologies at universal standards, with the care given to hygiene, health and quality from production to distribution. Common usage areas are industry, vehicle maintenance, vehicle surface and paint protection.

As Intertek Kimya, it aims to be a company that has environmental awareness, invests in technology and people, always prioritizes customer satisfaction, and creates value, while reaching the highest number of customers in its group in the Turkish market.

Trox Industrial Concrete Mortar Remover

TROX® Industrial Concrete Mortar Solvent (20 LT)

Our professional team works to increase efficiency in the market.​

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Chemical Industry 20 Years of Experience

TROX Chemical products continue to be produced with the same quality and dedication for more than 20 years.

It is absolutely preferred in the cleaning and maintenance of vehicles, industrial mechanical areas and work machines, as well as floor protection, yacht surface protection, wet floor in homes, protection and cleaning of glass areas. In terms of effectiveness, TROX products give confidence to the user.

Technical Advantages

TROX® cleaning and protection products are produced for industrial and personal use. It provides easy use and effective results in both stages.

Function Advantages

The advantage of TROX products, which show fast and effective results, are the main reasons for preference. It saves on protection and cleaning steps.

Quality and Price Advantage

Intertek Kimya aims to produce quality products. TROX products, these measures are preferred because of the protection of quality and affordability.


Professional Solutions in Industrial Areas

It is recommended to use TROX products for professional solutions in the cleaning, protection and maintenance stages of mechanical equipment in industrial areas.

Abrasion / Corrosion

Metal abrasions are reduced in mechanical maintenance with TROX products. Thus, the equipment is used for a longer period of time.

Maintenance / Protection

In periodic maintenance, a healthier process is ensured with TROX products. Thus, the process of encountering mechanical failures due to neglect is prolonged.