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About Us

Quality and Trust is Our Biggest Aim

Trox – Intertek Kimya was established in Istanbul Organized Industrial Zone and became operational. It was established to produce respectful products that make life easier in the chemical industry and do not harm the eco system at the same time. Intertek Kimya has more than 20 years of experience and history. TROX brand sells domestic and international industrial mechanical maintenance and vehicle cleaning and protection products.

The formulas of the manufactured products are handled carefully. Sensitive products are produced according to the intended use and areas of use. Thus, the efficiency, quality and user satisfaction of the products increase. In addition, brand value increases.

In the formulas of the developed products, it is aimed to produce original, high quality and suitable products. It was launched under the brand name TROX. Industrial cleaning and vehicle protection products are produced. It also adds value to the country by taking firm steps in the domestic market and towards exports.

In the product portfolio, it isproduced for use;

  • vehicle care,
  • vehicle cleaning,
  • industrial and mechanical cleaning,
  • in the general cleaning and care stages of heavy vehicles and work machines

We are proud to have reached the highest number of customers in the chemical product sector in Türkiye. We are growing ambitiously with the aim of developing the field by investing in technology and people with environmental awareness. It aims to be a value-creating business that always prioritizes quality and satisfaction with its customers. 100% customer satisfaction and our social responsibilities in production and service are the most important factors.

TROX products are produced with the care given to health and quality from production to distribution. It is produced using production technologies that take into account universal standards.

The aim of our company is not only to increase the quality in production. To ensure the quality of the living environment and to leave a cleaner and more livable environment to future generations.

Our Mission

The reason we are in the industry is because we are different. This is due to the affordability of our products, our superiority in product quality, and our dedication to our services.

We are proud to be a brand that knows the importance of cleanliness in human health and fully reflects its right to its products. We are renewing ourselves and working harder every day to make the unstoppable rise of our brands, which are always one step ahead with our innovative structure, with the trust and satisfaction we receive from you.

Our Vision

We know well what the values that make us who we are. We are constantly moving forward on our way by putting the reward of the increase in our quality and the satisfaction in our customer understanding every year.

We are far above the stereotypical production and service understanding of companies in the Automotive Maintenance, Home Cleaning, Disinfectant, Yacht and Marine sector. Our professional staff that analyzes all kinds of factors, our belief in always giving our customers not only what they want but more than what they want, is what makes us who we are and what makes us different.

Our Values

Intertek Kimya aims to produce quality products, self-sacrificing work and production in all its products with an understanding that values nature, people and living things.

All of our values are in the direction of facilitating and gaining human life.


Its reputation in the domestic and international market under the TROX brand is important to our customers and us.


We aim to protect the values of our brands and products absolutely and to trust them.


We aim to provide trust and environmental trust to all our partners and the environment.


We aim to adopt our effectiveness in all sectors with honest and correct production and to provide accurate information.

Product Categories

Industrial Products

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Car Care Products
Paint Protection Products

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Car Clean Products
Automotive Care Products

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